Sunday, June 24, 2012

Treasure Hunting Saturday-on Sunday

It has been a busy weekend of editing, cleaning, children, studio cleaning , website reorganizing, flyer making and moooooore editing and yet we have still found a tiny bit of time to do a little treasure hunting ......

we love our vintage patterns and are so excited to make those little yellow 60's dresses for future shoots

woot woot..these little hooters were made in Italy aren't they darling

These shadow boxes were a steal and how cute does the little outfit Sunshine came home in look in there.

Little mini's these are going to look beautiful in the design center when we get it finished.

Hope you all enjoy our treasuring hunting finds as much as we did. Share with us some of YOUR favorite finds.

Stella Rose Photography & Design

Friday, June 22, 2012

Rockabilly babies

These three are from our flock. The boys had gotten new skull suspenders and were asking over and over and over and over (you get the idea) again to take a shoot with them rockabilly style haha and so it came to be so. The boys of course had to match and we couldn't leave little sunny out so rockabilly babe she became. We headed to downtown Tucson where all the magic is old, colored, textured whatever background you can dream up, you will find it downtown. It was a fun filled day of fixing suspenders to the point of just putting them down and screaming sunny several times loudly to get her attention but in the end all worth the results. See for yourselves...

oooh how we love our little rockabilly babies..

Stella Rose Photography & Design

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chalkboard Necklace Giveaway

Alrighty friends follow our blog and leave a comment to be entered to win this beautiful handmade Stella Rose Design original.
This necklace is a dog tag style chalkboard necklace with heart and key charm and pink flower detail all held together with adjustable vintage lace.
Leave a message for the one you love or announce to the world how you feel today anything can be written on this two part chalkboard necklace.

Wishing you all the best!!

The winner will be announced on FRIDAY!!

Stella Rose Photography & Design

Monday, June 11, 2012

Childrens Vintage Photography

So we have been going back and fourth about adding Children/Family to our list of wonderful offerings. So much we want to do so little time to do it all. But it brings us pure joy to see these little bits looks so of another time splashed with Stella Rose love. This little beauty is Lailani wearing a traditional Guam dress made by her grandmother . We did this shoot in 2011 along with several others we will be posting throughout the weeks. . We Stella Rose did her hair and make-up and provided all the props. She was a natural.  What you do you think...

Decisions, Decision

Stella Rose Photography & Design
all photos are copyright of Stella Rose Photography and Design.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Treasure Hunting Saturdays

Hello friends,
Sorry again for the absence. We have been sick, taking finals, regrouping and recreating our business, Taking pictures and editing them and bringing together a group of girls inspired to help others DEVOTED DOLLS :).( You can find Devoted Dolls on facebook and like us to be a part of all the Charity based events we are a part of) and most importantly much needed family time.

Now the kids are out of school and though we thought we would have a break, such things do not exist in our worlds :) but we don't mind a bit. This summer should bring about a whole new bunch of post relating to our lives, DIY's , families, adventures and FUN!

Treasure Hunting Saturday finds for you to enjoy:

Vintage shoes for our little Sunshine

Another adorable birdhouse for my birdy kitchen. I will post pics once I get it more completed

Vintage mirrors I plan to sand down and repaint for my living room. I will share the finished product

We can never pass up on our pin-ups. The two pictures are extra large postcards now where to put them??

The weekend is still young so many more treasures left to be found.

We will continue to post our wonderful vintage finds, fashions and fun. Let us know what you think.

Stella Rose Photography & Design (and so much more)