Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Grandma Rose

As many of you know our grandma rose recently passed away. (she is half of our insipiration for Stella Rose) So just before we left New Mexico and after all the rest of the family had headed back to their respectable homes we asked if we could have one last moment in grandmas house before it all changes. Here are some of the pictures we captured to make sure we always have her special places with us in some way.
Our Grandmas favorite color was yellow (just like Sonya) This picture does not even capture the beautiful light of yellow that always appeared in her kitchen.

Grandma Roses photography section and our inspiration. She always had pictures of her family up for everyone to see. She also has several photo albums full of old pictures that we have looked through since we were little girls and those are what inspired us in our vintage photography.

My beautiful Grandma Rose. She is so missed.

She also loved humming birds and butterfly and of course her perfume. We were able to grab a couple of bottles for keepsake from this collection

The place our children cuddled with their Grandma Rose

Yellow Roses the ultimate reminder that she is always with us

Grandma's infamous candy dish (carla was able to bring this with her to keep in her home now)

The yellow tea kettle that sonya wanted sooooo much but we think our cousin deandra wanted it?? Deandra if you change your mind I would still love it :)

We will always love and miss our Grandma Rose and we cannot thank her enough for her love and inspiration in our lives. We hope you all enjoyed these photos.

Stella rose photography & design

Monday, February 25, 2013

Vintage Gardner Girls

Two adorable little dolls and one old bumpy truck (as the Gardner girls call it) that was the premise of this lovely little vintage inspired shoot. The girls love nothing more than their daddys Bumpy truck and so what was more darling then putting them together in some beautiful photos.

Thank you Gardner Family for trusting us with your little loves. They were naturals.

We hope you all liked these photos and continue to check back for more of our Vintage children/family shoots.

Stella Rose Photography & Design

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lucky Dog Rescue

We had to most wonderful pleasure of being a part of the Lucky Dog Rescue Fundraising event this past weekend in Phoenix at the Rhythm Room both with our Devoted Dolls and as Stella Rose. According to the beautiful Dee (head honcho of the event) we were able to help raise $1000 alone in raffle ticket sales yay!
As is expected we have attached quite a bit of pictures to allow you to be on this wonderful journey with us. Enjoy!

How can you resist this adorable little face

Some of the most amazing raffles prizes ever! Thanks to all that donated.

The lovely ladies of Devoted Dolls.

The amazing people at Gretche Guitars always willing to donate to a great cause. Oh how we thank you!
Devoted Dolls & the Pin-up angels announcing raffle prize winners

Could it be Jamie??

I mean really..... have you ever seen anything cuter

Ava picked herself a cutie

Dinas whit and charm can sell a million raffle tickets

Yup there he is Jamie of the Jamie Waldron Trio and one of our favs

I just wanna be loved is that so wrong?
who is willing to bet he snuck a dog in there???

A great crowd of supporters and doggie lovers

Go ahead  we know your tempted-ADOPT
At it again..the winner issssssss....
This little weiner dog was one of our Best Dressed Doggie winners of the day!
And this curly little darling is dressed to the 9's whit whew another best dressed indeed.


We hope you enjoyed the photos. Look for an opportunity to adopt or donate to Lucky Dog Rescue again soon. They can be found on facebook and online. Stella Rose has a coupon in each adoption package for half off a pin-up and pet shoot so go Adopt today!

We hope to see you all out next year for this event. Thank you again Lucky Dog Rescue!

Stella Rose photography & Design

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Trucha Kinda Night

A couple weekends ago we were asked to be in the Trucha Gear fashion show. Unfortunately, half of us (lola) couldn't make it but it turned out great despite. Live music, great company and of course Trucha Gear!



Alicia we enjoy your clothing and your friendship! Thank you for always being here for us and you know we will do the same for you. Until next time :)

Stella Rose Photography & Design