Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Holly and Roy are having a baby!

We had the honor of shooting this happy couple JUST before their little boy Joel was born. They we so easy to work with and the love they already have for their unborn little boy was so beautiful to see!

Hope you enjoy these touching photos we were able to capture of their love and happiness.

The weather was perfect and the setting amazing. Thank you Holly and Roy for allowing us to capture such a special time in your lives. We can't wait to take pics of little Joel.

Stella Rose

Friday, August 26, 2011

Teen Contest Winner Vanessa

After a nationwide facebook vote (yes we like to be dramatic) little miss Vanessa was the Grand Prize winner of a free all inclusive photo shoot with yours truly STELLA ROSE! YAY!

  Time for our make up and hair artist Laura to do her magic

Are you ready???? 

Here are two photos from the shoot
Watch out here come miss hot stuff , 

                                                                                        (  You Go Girl   )

Even though she was a little tired from all her activities she does during and after school she did an awesome job.
    We had so much fun shooting this young lady and spending time getting to know her and her mother.
    We look forward to working with you again

Thursday, August 25, 2011

our apologies and some new pin-up pics

Lets begin with our apologies. It has been a couple of THOSE kinds of weeks. You know the ones we are talking about when everything piles up on your calendar all at once and while you are completing one task 5 more rear their ugly heads and then you get sick and stuck in bed and all your kids get sick and you start school and whew those kinds of weeks. Carla got sick and could not move from her bed (ended up in the ER at some point) ALL of my kids got sick and had to go visit the doctor, all got shots that ended up giving them fevers and little sunshine is starting to teeth so crying baby is constant in my household right now. I also started  back at school which I am oh so very happy about. The journey to becoming an interpreter for the Deaf continues YAY!
Well that is what it has been like for us hence the lack of blogs for the past couple of weeks but we have wonderful things coming for your viewing pleasure in the next several weeks. Let's start NOW shall we.

Below are a couple of our recent pin-up shoots. The first is with Nicole who transformed into the 1950's beautifully...

 and here we have the lovely Laura Christine who is not only an amazing hair and make-up artist who has been a part of many of our shoots but also a very talented photographer and to top it off her hidden talent MODEL! How perfect a fit is she for the pin-up world?

We will be starting a weekly post "This week we discovered" it will follow the weekly dealings of our lives and observations through photos. This will give us a chance to show some of our more artistic photo journalism photos as well as our family happenings. Please come back and visit every sunday and prepare to be amused.

Stella Rose

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Punk/Grunge themed photoshoot

Last year we started doing themed shoots every 2-3 months. It has proven to be really successful for us and we really love doing them cause we get to try out all the many things our little imaginations can conjure up. Our latest themed shoot was punk/grunge and here are some of the fantastic photos that came out of that shoot. Thanks to Laura Christine and her make-up skills and Cecilia for her patience with hair we were able to really make the theme come alive.

 Wendy has been a part of more than one of our themed shoots, we are always happy with the images we get from her. We will be shooting her engagement photos and some swimsuit Pin-up for her soon and promise to share those with you as well.

 Isn't Danielle just one of the most beautiful women you have ever seen. She is flawless. She never disappoints! Every shoot with Danielle is one we are excited about.

 Alexis, she did one of our Pin-up themed shoots last year and those photos turned out gorgeous, sweet and innocent then we have a punk shoot and the rebel inside is released. We are not made at you girl!

The amazing Cecilia not only is she amazing with hair but whoda thunk she has some serious modeling skills. We did not have one picture of her we didn't love she worked it!

We hope you enjoyed all the photos, if there are any themes you would like to see and or be a part of in the future lets us know. We have some really great ones coming up to top the year off so keep checking back .

Stella Rose

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The day of firsts

So yesterday was the first day back to school and with that was also the first day of HIGH SCHOOL for Nana and the first day of JR. HIGH for Tono. You would think they would be scared but nope just really excited.
Funny that during the summer this little chick couldn't possibly wake up before 1pm but here she is bright and early 5am getting ready to impress at school
 Tono was most excited about the new "swag" as his sister calls it that SHE every so kindly picked out for him.
 Showing of his SWAG and contemplating his first day of Jr. High dun dun dunnnn
 Over the summer 2 weeks ago and just ready to get to school and show off. High School, who ever will she become??

The Final pose, Okay MOM lets GOOOOO!!!
How did they grow up so fast? Does this happen to all parents?
Also a first for me, realizing I am OLD I have a child in Jr. high and one in High School ahhhh

Friday, August 5, 2011

Our facebook Winners

A month ago we put out an opportunity for a free photoshoot on our facebook. The first 5 people to reply to our offer would get a free photoshoot, nothing better than free right :). Here are two of our winners, we like to call them the Crystals. Both girls are involved in pin-up groups and opted for a pin-up shoot. They were both so wonderful to work with and we hope to work with them again in the near future. Enjoy the photos and let us know what you think.

Crystal P really wanted to shoot the classic telephone shot. She looks beautiful as can be,wonder what she's talking about, a classy girl will never tell ;)

Crystal M was open to ideas so we grabbed one of our vitage cameras and started shooting with our new ones. We think that Yellow background looks amazing on her dark skin and that expression is darling.

Keep your eyes posted you never know when we will have another FREE offer.

Stella Rose