Friday, September 30, 2011

While digging for the yard sale

So this Saturday I (sonya) and my community will be having a yard sale. So I start pulling things out from every closet and corner that we haven't even looked at since we moved here. I move my way into the garage which unlike most garages of a married couple contains mostly MY stuff! Is it only me that holds onto things from wwwwwwaaaaay far in the past? I mean I graduated high school many moons ago and yet I still have my cheer shirt and sweat pants, dance shirt and graduating mug, am I alone? Do men also do this or is it just us women. By the way I didn't even ponder getting rid of it, just placed it back in the box it came out of..haha.

It's amazing the things you don't remember you have that you still love again the second and third time you take it out of the box to simply repack it. Here are a few pics of the things I fell in love with yet again only to put back into their boxes til next time..

 I mean they were never even taken out of the package? Dare I keep them for the winter? Will I ever really wear them, they have only been packed for what 6 years if not more hahaha.
One of the best gifts I have ever received MY STAR, The Yellow Princess yup it's true my friends I am the proud owner of a star. My son asked if it was a falling star tear I hope
 A gift I got myself about 11 years ago, too bad I never filled out the whole thing. I was afraid someone ELSE would find it one day and it has some pretty personal questions haha. Maybe I will fill it out now and put the year down to see how my feelings have and will change.
Am I the only one that felt the need to buy a concert T-shirt for every concert I went to but never REALLY wear them all that much and obviously never get rid of them. After I took this picture I found so many more concert memories, signed drumsticks, tickets, pictures, more shirts. Oh the days of old.
 My first love, Vintage!! why do I get so excited to buy it then put it in a box. The good thing is as soon as it shows itself in the box I swear I get all giddy just like seeing it for the first time all over again. I heart Vintage!
 Oh my Will and Grace DVD collection which I obviously never completed teehee. I bet if I actually watched them they would be just as funny the second time around.
Finally all those old pictures,even that baby picture of my first boyfriend SERIOUSLY? But do you think I threw it away ..haha.

Well I hope you enjoyed this journey into my garage boxes of the past. Now go dig through your own and get excited and nostalgic like I did :)

Stella Rose Photography and Design

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our little Wendy is back for more!

Wendy didn't want to let the summer pass without taking some swimsuit pics and so she called US,  AGAIN we just love her!

These photos were taking at our in home studio (a work in progress, but coming together nicely). We started off with a black and white bikini simply used to show off the wonderful tattoos she has. We then moved on to our tried and true pin-up pics and she did amazing. She seems to get more and more comfortable every shoot we do together GO WENDY!!

Hope you enjoy. Lets us know what you think of the images.

 No shoot is complete without eyelashes ;)
 patiently letting them dry..teehee
 what to wear what to wear
 The amazing canvas that is Wendy
 Outside splashing in her little pool
 Taking a break to just look stunning whit whew
Time for her close up, what a beauty!

Hair, Make-up and styling by Sonya & Carla with Stella Rose.
Hope you enjoyed another one of our fabulous shoots. Sooooo many more to come.

Stella Rose Photography & Design

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Az Burn Center Charity Ride THIS SATURDAY!!

This is a very special very important event for us. My son (Sonya's) was admitted to the Burn Center about a year ago. While he was there he was treated amazing by the staff and those that come in to help the staff such as therapist, clowns, gift givers. We have always wanted to give back (my husband and I) and we have now found a wonderful opportunity to do so with this charity ride we have put together with our groups Pride MC and Voodoo Vixens. A motorcycle is not necessary though jump in your car and make a road trip of it. We will have amazing bands The Rhythm Dragons and Jamie Waldron Trio, raffles, food and drink at this family friendly event. Even if you are not able to make it please register to help us raise money

This is the reason we do this and why it means so much to us!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Douglas Car show event part 1: Family

We have so many wonderful pictures that we decided to break them up in parts. The first part as you can see is FAMILY! We don't usually bring the whole family along at events because it is waaay to much work to handle both the photography and the family and for this show I(Sonya aka Lola) was also doing my Voodoo Vixen role raising money for the Wounded Warriors Project. Since we had no choice this year we made it a family affair ROAD TRIP as the boys kept screaming. 

We checked into the Historical Hotel Gadsen which is known to be haunted (no we did not tell this tidbid to the little ones) to our pleasure a strapping young man showed us to our room and he seemed a little keen on our Viviana who I must point out is waaay to young but it was indeed flattering. The boys enjoyed jumping on the beds and looking out the window at the cars and bikes and what they called cowboys below and of course playing rockabilly dress up(so handsome)and dancing to the amazing VOODOO SWING(you must google them and enjoy).

Enjoy these beautiful pictures of our adventures

The Beautiful Viviana (nana) posing by the Voodoo Swing car.
Me, nana and razzy all dolled up. Sunshine is wearing one of the vintage dresses I found for her before birth adorable right!
Okay you cannot tell me these boys aren't just so darn handsome hahah. Gionni looks like he is fresh of the set of Grease teehee. Nikko insisted on the bandana like the bikers.
at night this car glowed and so the boys HAD to have a picture by it.
Me and nana doing our part to raise some funds for the Wounded Warriors in our military garb.
My handsome sons and the Voodoo Vixens

Us at our table collecting funds.

Love Always,
Stella Rose

Friday, September 2, 2011

Wounded Warriors and pin-up dolls

Tomorrow we will be at this event Sonya and Nana will be modeling their pin-up best and collecting donations for the wounded warriors project and Stella Rose will be doing what we do best capturing the whole event on camera to share with all you amazing people.

If you can't make it we will bring the event to YOU!