Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The day of firsts

So yesterday was the first day back to school and with that was also the first day of HIGH SCHOOL for Nana and the first day of JR. HIGH for Tono. You would think they would be scared but nope just really excited.
Funny that during the summer this little chick couldn't possibly wake up before 1pm but here she is bright and early 5am getting ready to impress at school
 Tono was most excited about the new "swag" as his sister calls it that SHE every so kindly picked out for him.
 Showing of his SWAG and contemplating his first day of Jr. High dun dun dunnnn
 Over the summer 2 weeks ago and just ready to get to school and show off. High School, who ever will she become??

The Final pose, Okay MOM lets GOOOOO!!!
How did they grow up so fast? Does this happen to all parents?
Also a first for me, realizing I am OLD I have a child in Jr. high and one in High School ahhhh

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