Thursday, August 25, 2011

our apologies and some new pin-up pics

Lets begin with our apologies. It has been a couple of THOSE kinds of weeks. You know the ones we are talking about when everything piles up on your calendar all at once and while you are completing one task 5 more rear their ugly heads and then you get sick and stuck in bed and all your kids get sick and you start school and whew those kinds of weeks. Carla got sick and could not move from her bed (ended up in the ER at some point) ALL of my kids got sick and had to go visit the doctor, all got shots that ended up giving them fevers and little sunshine is starting to teeth so crying baby is constant in my household right now. I also started  back at school which I am oh so very happy about. The journey to becoming an interpreter for the Deaf continues YAY!
Well that is what it has been like for us hence the lack of blogs for the past couple of weeks but we have wonderful things coming for your viewing pleasure in the next several weeks. Let's start NOW shall we.

Below are a couple of our recent pin-up shoots. The first is with Nicole who transformed into the 1950's beautifully...

 and here we have the lovely Laura Christine who is not only an amazing hair and make-up artist who has been a part of many of our shoots but also a very talented photographer and to top it off her hidden talent MODEL! How perfect a fit is she for the pin-up world?

We will be starting a weekly post "This week we discovered" it will follow the weekly dealings of our lives and observations through photos. This will give us a chance to show some of our more artistic photo journalism photos as well as our family happenings. Please come back and visit every sunday and prepare to be amused.

Stella Rose

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