Monday, November 7, 2011

All souls Procession, Tucson 11-6-11

Every year if I am in town I make sure to take the kids to the All Souls Procession here in Tucson. If you have never been to it, it is a MUST in your lifetime. There is nothing like it! I also try to convince my family and friends to come and experience the amazement that is the all souls procession and fail miserably but this year I at least got my mama to come and she was in happy I did. She loved it and planned to go back to phx and start her mission of getting others to come down and experience such a beautiful night. For me it is an emotional evening having lost so many close and special people in my life. This was the first year I was actually able to write a prayer to my loved ones for the urn which in turn got the tears flowing immediately. The boys love the music, dancers, and huge puppets and masks they get to see.

Here are a few images I captured of the parade and hope they do their part in peeking your interest enough to come and experience this amazing event.

(my camera was acting up so I apologize for the lack of variety in these images) PHOTO HEAVY!


Our wish for you is to be able to experience this very heartfelt event for yourselves. Paint your faces, gather up pictures of those you love that have departed and let them know they are NEVER forgotten.

Stella Rose Photography & Design

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