Friday, January 25, 2013

Cars,kulture & Chaos

We had such a blast at this show put on by Motorhouse and Tony of Bonehead pinstriping. We were sad to have missed one of our favorite bands - Moonlight Howlers, but it was so nice to see all our friends and meet several new ones. The vendors were unbelievable! we just didn't have enough for all the things we wanted to purchase. Of course the bands we bad ass and all you wonderful attendees even the drunkees falling on the dance floor teehee were a pleasure to see.

The freshly out of haitus Rooster Coup Deville good to have you guys back out and playing those tunes
TRUCHA GEAR-Thank you Alicia for our beautiful new shirts we do plan to wear the heck out of these just like the other Trucha gear items we currently own.

This lovely lady Vivian Noir was our pick for best dressed of the evening. Red seemed to be the color of the night(we did not get the memo) but this little red number stole the show.
The dedication this band puts into their craft is beyond words.

Some our favorite ladies! Brandi with Devoted Dolls, Alicia with Trucha Gear and the lovely Scarlett, the beautiful and talented Celena Garcia with Krabbie Gurl, and Sonia Stiletto one hot doll.

Oh Mr. Bill Garrett how we adore you so. We regret not taking you up on  your "lets go shoot" offer but for sure next time!

We hope you all enjoy the video and pics from this show. We will continue to post both on future events, people, places, things, clubs, boutiques, photoshoots ect. Leave a comment and don't forget to follow us before you leave.

Until next time-Love,
Lola & Kitty
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  1. Love the photo of us...and digging your site! See you at the Bomb Squad BBQ!!