Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Grandma Rose

As many of you know our grandma rose recently passed away. (she is half of our insipiration for Stella Rose) So just before we left New Mexico and after all the rest of the family had headed back to their respectable homes we asked if we could have one last moment in grandmas house before it all changes. Here are some of the pictures we captured to make sure we always have her special places with us in some way.
Our Grandmas favorite color was yellow (just like Sonya) This picture does not even capture the beautiful light of yellow that always appeared in her kitchen.

Grandma Roses photography section and our inspiration. She always had pictures of her family up for everyone to see. She also has several photo albums full of old pictures that we have looked through since we were little girls and those are what inspired us in our vintage photography.

My beautiful Grandma Rose. She is so missed.

She also loved humming birds and butterfly and of course her perfume. We were able to grab a couple of bottles for keepsake from this collection

The place our children cuddled with their Grandma Rose

Yellow Roses the ultimate reminder that she is always with us

Grandma's infamous candy dish (carla was able to bring this with her to keep in her home now)

The yellow tea kettle that sonya wanted sooooo much but we think our cousin deandra wanted it?? Deandra if you change your mind I would still love it :)

We will always love and miss our Grandma Rose and we cannot thank her enough for her love and inspiration in our lives. We hope you all enjoyed these photos.

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  1. This is beautiful!! She was so special to me and my girls , Lauren & Audrey.. They loved her as their own Grandma.. Thank you for sharing this amazing woman with us. Loretta :)

  2. Carla and Sonya that is amazing I Smiled and cried the whold time! I Love it! She was a beautiful and an inspiraton to all of us!

  3. Everytime she visited me would say "PREATTY" to me. I loved her soft and warm hugs. These pictures still tell me that she is still with me. Everytime I go into her house I would feel her presents around and next to me. But I know GOD is taking care of her. She will be loved and missed. Luv u great grandma Delara. -Abrianna Aguilar.