Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Az Burn Center Charity Ride THIS SATURDAY!!

This is a very special very important event for us. My son (Sonya's) was admitted to the Burn Center about a year ago. While he was there he was treated amazing by the staff and those that come in to help the staff such as therapist, clowns, gift givers. We have always wanted to give back (my husband and I) and we have now found a wonderful opportunity to do so with this charity ride we have put together with our groups Pride MC and Voodoo Vixens. A motorcycle is not necessary though jump in your car and make a road trip of it. We will have amazing bands The Rhythm Dragons and Jamie Waldron Trio, raffles, food and drink at this family friendly event. Even if you are not able to make it please register to help us raise money www.regonline.com/AzBurnCenterRide

This is the reason we do this and why it means so much to us!


  1. Great reason to help them. I still see lots of love in his eyes.

  2. His injuries were nothing compared to the other children that were there. We do this for them as well. You never know when it will be someone close to you! Did you register ;)