Saturday, September 10, 2011

Douglas Car show event part 1: Family

We have so many wonderful pictures that we decided to break them up in parts. The first part as you can see is FAMILY! We don't usually bring the whole family along at events because it is waaay to much work to handle both the photography and the family and for this show I(Sonya aka Lola) was also doing my Voodoo Vixen role raising money for the Wounded Warriors Project. Since we had no choice this year we made it a family affair ROAD TRIP as the boys kept screaming. 

We checked into the Historical Hotel Gadsen which is known to be haunted (no we did not tell this tidbid to the little ones) to our pleasure a strapping young man showed us to our room and he seemed a little keen on our Viviana who I must point out is waaay to young but it was indeed flattering. The boys enjoyed jumping on the beds and looking out the window at the cars and bikes and what they called cowboys below and of course playing rockabilly dress up(so handsome)and dancing to the amazing VOODOO SWING(you must google them and enjoy).

Enjoy these beautiful pictures of our adventures

The Beautiful Viviana (nana) posing by the Voodoo Swing car.
Me, nana and razzy all dolled up. Sunshine is wearing one of the vintage dresses I found for her before birth adorable right!
Okay you cannot tell me these boys aren't just so darn handsome hahah. Gionni looks like he is fresh of the set of Grease teehee. Nikko insisted on the bandana like the bikers.
at night this car glowed and so the boys HAD to have a picture by it.
Me and nana doing our part to raise some funds for the Wounded Warriors in our military garb.
My handsome sons and the Voodoo Vixens

Us at our table collecting funds.

Love Always,
Stella Rose

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